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Do you shop on Amazon? If so, use http://Smile.Amazon.Com and search for "10bitworks" for the charity. Once you've selected it, ...

UTSA Welding Class

UTSA Welding Class 22

UTSA Welding Class 9-29-2018
Sat, Oct 6, 2018
0 minutes
Projects & Special ...

Saturday, Oct 6, 2018 9 a.m. - Saturday, Oct 6, 2018 5 p.m.
Tidy and rearrange the space

Article 1 - General Matters Section 1.1 Name [1.1.1]The official and legal name of the Organization shall be 10BitWorks Hackerspace ...

Woodworking Class - Make a Mallet - 9-22-2018

Woodworking Class - Make a Mallet - 9-22-2018 67

10BitWorks hosted a Woodworking Class on how to make a dead-blow wooded mallet.

10BitWorks is a non-profit, membership-supported project coworking space and learning center concept known as a hackerspace or makerspace. 10BitWorks is ...

Thank you for your continued participation in our organization! You may have received an email from us with a link ...