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Performax Drum Sander


This machine is not intended to remove large amounts of material.  The planer should be used for the bulk of stock removal.


If you are not familiar with this machine, please ask for assistance before using it. (Contact info: Jamie Roadman on Slack)


Always run the dust collector when using this machine.  Be sure to open the blast gate for this machine and close the gate for the table saw.  


•Manual and extra sandpaper are located in the base of the machine. The manual is also at 


•Check drum paper to insure it is not clogged/burned

•Clean drum paper as needed with abrasive cleaning bar

•Monitor conveyor belt tracking - adjust to run without contacting the machine on either side. (see manual for adjusting)

•Use appropriate grit sandpaper - heavier grits to remove more material

•sandpaper should be tight on the sanding drum. (see manual for installation)