Membership, at any level, will give you access to all of the 10BitWorks equipment including SawStop table saw, Rabbit 80W laser cutter/engraver, extruder and resin 3D printers, welding equipment electronics workbenches. You will also be allocated a plastic storage box. If you require more storage regularly please contact us as we may be able to accommodate your needs.

A "limited" membership at $40 per month will give you access to the space during open hours (currently Tuesday and Thursday 18:00-21:00, Wednesday 13:00-21:00 and Saturday 12:00-18:00)

A "full" membership at $60 per month will give you 24/7 access via an August lock (this requires a smart phone with the August access application and signing up with the August service and requesting access from one of the board members)

Fill out our membership application to become a member!